Our mission is simple: travel, and sample the local libations along the way. In many countries, you can find several of the cultural intricacies at the bottom of a glass. Once you’ve recovered from the jet lag, the best place to get a feel for a place is a barstool in a local dive. Now, what you might be served there…that can vary widely. It may be purple. It may smell like sour milk. It may contain animal parts.

Whether it’s a picture perfect pint of North Carolinian craft brew or a jug of volatile rice liquor from a roadside shop in rural China, we aim to keep an open mind. Stick around for local beer reviews, spirit reviews, and culture guides tailored to our current location. It’s nice to know what to look for when you’re traveling somewhere new. It’s also helpful to be able to identify a strange drink that a local places in front of you with a sinister grin.


On Location In

Daqing, China