Wicked Weed Uncle Rick's Pilsner


After an IPA and a brown ale, it’s time to find a palate cleanser. I’m looking for something lighter, but I don’t want to sacrifice flavor. Where better to look to than a refreshing pilsner from Wicked Weed Brewing, a local favorite whose star has been rapidly rising in recent years. Wicked Weed is notorious for its bold, West Coast hoppy flavors. Their IPAs are superb, so I’m curious what they can do with a mellower pilsner. 

Beer: Uncle Rick’s Pilsner
Brewery: Wicked Weed Brewing
Country: Asheville, NC, USA
Style: German pilsner
ABV: 5.1%
Beerlandia Advisory: It’s a refreshing after-work brew that keeps you on your toes.

Upon being released from an ice cold can, Uncle Rick’s pours a beautiful clear gold with a persistent white head. I expected the head to dissipate quickly, but the high carbonation keeps the roof on. Light, consistent lacing clings to the glass all the way down. It’s just the sight I’d like to see after a long day. 

Mmmm, grass. I never thought I’d say that, but I quite like a beer with that sort of earthy aroma. There’s a bit of lemon zest there to mellow it out, revealing a thin layer of light, floral hops underneath. The floor of the aroma is quite “bready”, but I wouldn’t go as far as “biscuity”. It’s not every day that you get to use biscuit as an adjective. 


He sips once. He sips twice. He sips thrice. This is not a weak, forgettable pilsner dominated by malt and bread alone. The strong pils malt is definitely the trunk of the Uncle Rick’s beer tree, but a range of delicate flavors branch out from there. The lemon and grass are back again, this time bouncing around on my tongue. There’s also a bit of muted honey sweetness that doesn’t overwhelm the earthy foundation. The hops that are present have a spice to them. 

This is a beer that tempts big sips. Its light body, high carbonation, and delicate blend of interesting flavors may just be the secret to time travel. You’ll find yourself appreciating this beer when you suddenly notice that it’s halfway gone. I have this experience less and less with IPAs. I understand that “rapid consumption” is not necessarily the goal with most beers, but this just goes down so easily. 

Light in color, bold in flavor

I have yet to have something I didn’t like from Wicked Weed. Admittedly, I have tread much further beyond their ridiculously hoppy line of IPAs and pale ales, but Uncle Rick’s pilsner is proof that I have been denying myself some seriously good beer. As an added bonus, the artwork on each of Wicked Weed’s beers is sick. The good sick! Although the “weed” of the brewery’s namesake actually refers to the hop plant, I have to wonder if that was the only plant influencing their graphic artist…